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24/7 Fast Response Monitoring by Trained Professionals

Help prevent break-ins with Home Security in Wilmington. ADT has professionally licensed safety-trained dispatchers staffing four interconnected monitoring centers. This complete network of monitoring centers operates 24/7, every day of the year, including holidays. They are in direct contact with local fire and police departments, which helps to ensure fast response times and your safety. When you have an ADT monitored alarm system installed in your Greenville SC home, the response times can be even faster than calling 911. Home Security in Jacksonville helps say no to crime.

Low Monthly Monitoring Fees

Let Home Security in Goldsboro help keep your loved ones safer. ADT offers many different alarm system monitoring packages to satisfy each individual family’s needs. Through Home Security Greenville, you can get the basic monitoring package for only $36.99 per month, or about a dollar a day. For an extra $5 a month you can upgrade to the most popular monitoring package, two-way voice. With ADT’s array of pricing packages, home security has never been more affordable. Choose the package that is right for you, and know that over 130 years of ADT experience is behind you when you contact us now. Home Security in Greenville NC is the answer to real home safety.

FREE* $850 Home Security System

*With $99 customer installation charge and purchase of alarm monitoring.

Help keep criminals out with Home Security in Lumberton! The average person ends up staying with the same security provider for about eight years, but with ADT, you will only need to sign a 3-year contract for a free home security system valued at $850. ADT guarantees that this security system is state-of-the-art and you will be satisfied. In addition, ADT’s professional installation will be free, and activation will only cost you $99.

Easy-to-Use Security System

Get Home Security in Cary for your mobile home. The ADT monitored home security system is simple and easy to use. The wireless keychain remote makes it almost effortless to arm and disarm your alarm system. The all-inclusive control panel has all your alarm system monitoring functions in one easily accessible location. ADT’s professional installers take care of the set-up and any questions you may have about your home security equipment at the time of install. Keep everyone at home safer with Home Security in Durham.

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ADT Home Security Greenville Packages

  Two-way Voice Package Basic Package with Keyfob Cell Primary Package
*or approved digital service.
**phone line not required.
Door / Window Sensors 3 3 3
Motion Sensor 1 1 1
Keyfob 1 1 1
Two-Way Voice Yes No No
Landline Required* Yes Yes No
Built-in Cell Device** No No Yes
Setup Fee $99 $99 $Call for Details
Monthly Rates $42.99 $36.99 $Call for Details

ADT's Two-Way Voice

Look at Home Security in Fayetteville for further information. The two-way voice package makes perfect sense, especially if you have any disabled or elderly individuals living in your Greenville South Carolina home. With the two-way voice system you:

  • Get hands-free control
  • Only need to use your normal talking voice
  • Receive a 75-foot range away from your control panel
  • Communicate with a live ADT dispatcher directly

Feel secure with Home Security in Raleigh. The intercom is 7 times more sensitive than a baby monitor, and when triggered, allows an ADT dispatcher to listen for any possible sounds of an burglar. With clarity up to 75 feet even if you are unable to get to the control panel, a dispatcher can attempt to determine what emergency has occurred and send the appropriate emergency response. Their ability to listen-in can lead to faster response times. After all, over half of deaths from injury, and 75% of disabling injuries, happen at home. (National Safety Council)

Do not wait, contact us today! Help safeguard your home with Home Security in Wilmington.

ADT Benefits

ADT benefits include the fast response monitoring, 3 ADT guarantees*, and everything that makes ADT the #1 home security provider in America. Get national and local protection in Greenville South Carolina.

Save Money with ADT's 3 Guarantees*

  1. May save up to 20% on your homeowners insurance
  2. Six-month money back guarantee
  3. May receive up to $500 on your insurance deductible in the rare event of a break-in

General Home Security Tips

  • Store Valuables in a Safe or Safety Deposit Box
    Store cash, jewelry, and other valuables in a safe or safety deposit box instead of leaving them strewn around your home.
  • Close Your Drapes
    Try to limit the visibility to the inside of your home. Burglars typically will not take the risk if they cannot see what is inside, especially if you have an ADT monitored home security system.
  • Keep a Key with Someone You Can Trust
    If you like to keep a spare key available in case of an emergency, try leaving the key with a neighbor you can trust. That way you know that it is always stowed in a safe place, not under a mat where burglars can easily find it.
  • Safety Coat Windows
    Look into safety coating the most vulnerable windows. This will make them more difficult to break into.
  • Don’t Open Your Door to Strangers
    Many burglars will try to look like a police officer or a delivery person; make them read off the address on your “package” to see if they really are who they say they are. If they aren’t who they say they are they probably won’t know your Greenville South Carolina address immediately.

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